Directions and Hours

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Lebanon Hills is a nearly 2000 acre Dakota County Parks system in the city of Eagan, MN. The bike trails make up a small 240 acre area between Galaxie Ave. and Johnny Cake Ridge Road just north of the Minnesota Zoo. The parking lot is open from 8am to 10pm, and there is no use, entrance or parking fee.

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4801 Johnny Cake Ridge Road
Eagan, MN 55068


More on Park Hours..

Early morning riders are allowed to enter the park at 5:30am. However… this does not allow riders on the trail if the trails and lot are closed for other reasons (wet trails, etc.) When the boards are up in front of the trails there is absolutely no riding at any time. Also, we sometimes get an overnight rain and have not had a chance to go out there to put up the gates… if the trail is wet, do not ride. Early riding is a privilege that can quickly be changed if riders abuse it. (See our page on why we don’t ride wet trails here).


We Ride All Year Long…

The bike trails are available to ride all year round! MORC partnered with Dakota County in 2006 to keep the trails open during the winter months, where previously the trails were closed late November through spring thaw. Here in Minnesota we can’t afford to have our trails close because of some snow, and winter riding with fat bikes has become very popular. Believe it or not, some actually prefer riding in snow to riding on dirt! See our Winter Riding page for more details.


In The Dark…

From Fall through Spring it may be dark out when the trails are open. In late fall and winter, it can be dark as early as 4:30pm. Don’t let that stop you! Night riding has been popular for many years now, and is a great way to avoid losing riding time. Riding trails at night is a whole different experience/challenge. Check out our Night Riding page for more information. Please note that the lot closes promptly at 10pm and the Parks Patrol does not appreciate riders in the lot after that time. This means be completely packed up and out of the lot by 10pm – riders have been pushing it and it doesn’t look good for the riding community when this happens.