Skills Park

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In 2012, a skills park was added to compliment the new facilities and parking lot. This skills area contains something for all skill levels and represents what you may encounter out on the trail. By riding the skills area you can try out some of the features in close proximity to the lot and with somewhat safer landing zones. This provides a much safer place for the public to prepare for what is to come, or just to play around while waiting for that next group ride. download PDF trail map (skills map coming soon)

The Map



Skill Levels

As you ride the skills area, watch for the difficulty level signposts. These will help guide you through each skill level as it will be represented out on the trail. Chances are if you can ride a skill level in the skills park, you will be able to master the same out on the trail.


The Rules

  • Use skills park at own risk. Skills park is not supervised.
  • You are responsible for determining safe conditions.
  • Mountain bikini can be hazardous – use caution and wear safety gear.
  • Ride with control within your ability level and be considerate of others.
  • Building or modifying skills park features is prohibited.
  • Only one person may use a feature at a time, wait for a clear bike path.
  • Ride only in designate areas.
  • Non-motorized use only.
  • Emergencies: call 911
  • The skills park is closed when the lot and mountain bike trails are closed.


More Skills Area Photos

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