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Oh give me a gnome… No discussion of Lebanon Hills would be complete without mentioning that pesky gnome and his friends.

For many years now, gnomes have passed through our trails. Some stuck around for a while and others were there for just a short while. Currently there is still one… that we are allowed to talk about at least. Others lurk and hide. The rule is, if you see the gnome you should ring your bike bell (yes, bike bells are cool and you should have one) or give it a shout-out. It brings you luck! If you ride by and ignore the gnome, it can be bad.


Random Gnomage

While gnomes are a fun way to give something to the trail that creates interest and photographic opportunities, we seem to be plagued by individuals that are bent on ruining the fun. Each time we have seen a gnome appear, someone or something has come along and either busted or stolen them. The gnome shown above was the most famous and provided a lot of fun and great photos, but took a whole day to carry out and mount properly… only to have someone come along and steal it thinking it was a fun idea. It was eventually returned, but the damage was already done. The female gnome shown didn’t even make it a full year before someone grabbed onto it and tried to pull it down. What could be a train full of colorful ornamental gnomes is not meant to be due to the actions of a few. So for now, gnomes remain more of a mystery… they exist, you just may never actually see them unless you are really looking close.

Oh, and huge thanks to Nita for painting the gnomes by hand. (Imagine how she felt each time someone tried to steal or destroy her handiwork.)


Gnomes Through History

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