The Leb Crew

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We are the Leb Crew (a.k.a. “Leb Mafia”). We are the ones that do trail work on Tuesday nights (usually at 6pm) and when required to keep adding new stuff and maintaining what we have now. The crazy folks in orange are “Dirt Bosses” that lead the effort. We are part of the Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists (MORC) with a focus of “gaining and maintaining” trails.


While there are many volunteers critical to the success of our trails, there are a few that are responsible for leading the effort. These individuals are listed to the right. These are the people ultimately responsible for each years trail activities, leading trail crews, assisting with trail openings and closings, maintenance, trail inspection, short and long term trail plans, and more.

Please note that this site is in no way affiliated with Dakota County Parks, though we do have a strong relationship with the Lebanon Hills land manager. (see Sustainable Trails) In case you have questions or issues with the content of this site, please come to us directly. Dakota County is ultimately responsible for the trails, and no decisions happen without their approvals and guidance. We would not be where we are today without them!

Trail Leader List

  • Trail Steward & Dirt Boss: John Lundell
  • Dirt Boss: Bob Shepherd
  • Dirt Boss: Ted Wiegandt
  • Dirt Boss: Dave Tait
  • Dirt Boss: Brendon Hayes
  • Dirt Boss: Chris Anderson

What is a Dirt Boss?

MORC created the term Dirt Boss to stand for someone who has been IMBA trained on sustainable trails and has spent significant time volunteering at a particular trail. The Dirt Bosses are the ones that coordinate the years activities, post up new trail work sessions, and lead each trail work activity. They are responsible for keeping the trail maintained as well as looked upon to report trail conditions and help coordinate openings and closings with the county. You can always tell a Dirt Boss by their horribly bright orange t-shirts. Dirt Bosses are nominated by other Dirt Bosses or a Trail Steward and voted in by the MORC board each year. Its a thankless job that consumes tons of hours that could be spent riding.

What is a Trail Steward?

A Trail Steward is the single point of contact between the land manager and MORC. They communicate the years activities, seek approvals for new trails and obstacles, and generally make sure activities are coordinated throughout the year. The Trail Steward is typically someone who has been a long time Dirt Boss and has good communication skills. They are ultimately responsible for all volunteer activities that go on in the given trail.

What about Volunteers?

You don’t need to be a Dirt Boss or Trail Steward to make a huge difference on the trails. There is no way we would be where we are today without our volunteers. Some come only once, many have been regulars throughout the years, but regardless its the volunteers that really make the trails what they are today.

When people complain about a trail being closed, or that we ask people not to ride on wet trails, they are disrespecting the hard work done by these groups and by their fellow riders. All mountain bikers should consider the work that goes into the trails and support these efforts, even if they don’t completely agree with everything that happens in and around a trail.


Meet the Crew

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